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You can find us at Magreglio, a few steps from the famous Madonna del Ghisallo, patron saint of cyclists and the Cycling Museum  
We offer the possibility of renting pedal assisted bicycles Mustache, suitable for any type of route, to discover the beauties that surround iconic places such as the Ghisallo and Bellagio, the pearl of Como Lake.
Contacting us you will have the opportunity to participate in organized toursto discover places outside the tourist routes, with routes designed specifically for you, with possible stops at restaurants / shelters / trattorias or farmhouses where it will be possible taste typical food of the area. 
Our tours will be designed to be interesting for both athletes and families who love cycling, Lake Como and the mountains. During the journey you will not have to worry about anything, as you will be assisted in case of mechanical or technical problems. 
We have a shuttle service to and from the main stops of the transport means, to be able to transfer you to the point of departure and / or arrival (with the possibility of transporting bicycles).
Ghisallo Rent Bike

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